On Detoxing

Farting is a wonderful by product of yoga that is not typicif-you-havent-5bc4f3ally celebrated. It happened to me during a recent class, and worse yet, I was teaching!  At first I was shocked because it was one loud gut honk while demonstrating a pose! But at that moment, I decided to respectfully confront the truth and just own it. Yes, it was me …your teacher just answered the call of the wild burrito, and it’s okay if you do too!
We teachers frequently remind our students about the therapeutic benefits of yoga asana (posture). Removing gas and other toxins from our bodies is natural. Also, one of the basic tenets of yoga is living your truth in word, thought & deed. Within reasonable boundaries, we could all benefit from being more accepting and open with each other when it comes to the occasional squeaker escape during Spine Twist Pose a flying fizzler during Forward Fold.

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