Arlene Morton


Arlene-Sundari-TeacherOriginally from the San Francisco Bay Area. Arlene, her husband and son currently reside beachside. Having practiced yoga for many years, Arlene was looking for a solution to combat her lifelong anxiety. She found healing through her faith and yoga movement.

She felt that God led her to train as an instructor in the Holy Yoga Program, in order to help others, and Arlene became a Certified R-HYI in 2015. Holy Yoga is Christ centered. It combines hatha yoga with prayer, breath work, a scripture and a short devotional. Christian music is also played. All levels and all people are welcomed.

Arlene feels it is so important to take time out to connect to our bodies, to our breath, and most importantly, to our Creator – the one who gives us life and breath. Through this connection, we will find peace and love in Him and through Him, no matter the chaos that surrounds us.  It helps us to take each moment as a gift, a blessing, and to truly receive it.

Since becoming a Holy Yoga Instructor, Arlene’s faith and life have been transformed. She no longer suffers from anxiety. Best of all, she loves spreading the awesome love and word of God.