Ben & Abby

Ben and Abby Houck are the founders and creators of LUO yoga. LUO is the Hebrew word for “release.”

They offer a variety of online yoga therapy, meditation, flow classes and e-books all designed to help people recover from the effects of stress, anxiety, and trauma so that they can live the lives they were meant to live.
Their journey began as an attempt to heal the broken parts of their lives, but quickly became what God used to heal their broken spirits. They were inspired to develop and teach their method of work after experiencing the profound physical,mental, and spiritual benefits provided during their journey in overcoming addictions, depression, chronic disease, trauma, and raising five children, (including two sets of natural twins). They are passionate about bringing the message of wild wholeness … a journey toward personal growth, spiritual, and sexual fulfillment … which is essential for the nourishment of the human spirit.

Ben and Abby are Barkan Method, Yin Yoga, Christian Meditation, NRT, and Splankna practitioner’s.