Accupressure/Myofascial Massage w/Balls

Many of you have asked me about the benefits of Soft Foam Rolling as per my Florida Today article3 Reasons to Try Foam Rolling.  During March, I added the same self-massage principles into our Gentle Yoga & Stretching Class. However, instead using a foam roller, we used “balls” for massaging the fascia of our hands and feet.
Working with the feet, in particular, offers many benefits as they are the foundation to our bodies. If we have problematic feet, (ie. plantar fasciitis, bunions, chronic pain), the negative affect may impact our knees, hips, spine, and so on.  Also, our feet hold many accupressure points, that when massaged, can induce a healing response in other parts of our body. For example, a positive change to digestion, sleep, or anxiety may be the last thing we think about when it comes to working our feet, but massaging the feet can have a real impact on these areas.

So I hope we have fun on those days when I bring the balls to yoga class, but my wish is that you experience even more positive changes to your overall wellbeing that you derive from your regular yoga practice.

See you on the mat!

Need Better Sleep?

man-headphones-sleep-680-300x182Some of you may know that I suffer from sleep apnea. I’m occassionally invited to share practical tips on relaxation at a fun support group, called A.W.A.K.E at Parish Medical Center in Port St. John.  At one of the meetings, I recommended listening to binaural beats at bedside – many tracks can be streamed for free via YouTube.  One of sleep technicians who attended the session recently switched to night shift and was having trouble STAYING asleep.  She would wake up after after sleeping for three hours.  Does this happen to you?

She tried her rainfall sound music, but it didn’t work.  After tossing & turning, she remembered the tip & searched for binaural beats for dreaming.  She said, “At first, I was skepical that it would work…but I wanted to go back to sleep so bad that I focused on the sounds and slowed my breathing.  It worked and I had powerful dreams! I can’t believe it really worked!”

If you’de like to sample a binaural beats soundtrack, click the link or image below.  Also, if you or anyone you love, has been diagnosed with a sleep disorder, below is information for the FREE monthly group.

A.W.A.K.E.—Alert, Well and Keeping Energetic—is a health awareness group for those with sleep disorders.  Everyone with a related interest in sleep and health is encouraged to attend. This meeting is held the second Monday of every month from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Parrish Healthcare Center at Port St. John (south entrance). Call 321-268-6408 for more information.