Foam Rolling

Foam Rolling Benefits
Do you like or need massage on a regular basis?  Good news!  There’s an increasing amount of evidence supporting the health benefits of a regular practice of Foam Rolling Self Massage, in particular using a soft foam roller.

In the case of foam rolling, you use a 36 x 6 soft roller and your own body weight to apply gentle pressure to specific areas of the body.  The ultimate goal is to restore your body, over time, back to its natural state.

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While there are many reasons you should incorporate Foam Rolling Self Massage into your wellness routine, below are three reasons why you should at least try it.  The professionals at Yoga & Mobility offer group classes (see Calendar) and/or private and semi-private sessions convenient to YOU.

Three Reasons To Try Soft Foam Rolling

  1. You want to feel better!  Self-massage with a foam roller will help you feel better by reducing achiness and stiffness as well as improving your flexibility and range of motion.  The better you feel, the more time you’ll have for daily activities.
  2. It’s an affordable alternative to massage therapy.  While there is no replacement for a good massage therapist, it can become cost-prohibitive.  Foam rolling is an affordable option, especially since you can do it at home, once you learn how to properly perform the exercises.
  3. You’re stressed out. One recent study concluded that very slow, gradual pressure from self-massage with a foam roller lowered the activities of the sympathetic nerves.  When you’re fight-or-flight response is lowered, it gives your body’s “rest-and-restore” response a chance to activate.  It is when you are in this “rest and restore” mode that your body is most efficient to repair and heal itself. Last, when performing Foam Rolling Self Massage on yourself, you are also working on your present moment awareness which cultivates a better mind-body balance optimizing your well being, vitality, and wholeness.